Let's discuss jMonkeyEngine 3.3!


Wait! @pspeed integrated a PR, and now I’m seeing an amber disc in the GitHub commit history. Fingers crossed…


Yeah, for some reason, old messages are now coming through on the slack feed… so I wonder if something was log-jammed somewhere.


Both tagged commits have now been tested, but deployment was skipped both times:

I plan to try again after lunch.


GitHub may still be confused: it’s showing an amber-colored disc for commit 6a71a1c and saying that checks haven’t completed, even though Travis says they have. I’ll check back in an hour or 2.


The JDK11 build is broken, but this time we got some deployment, I think. @pspeed, what do your elf eyes see?


I just published 166 artifacts that were waiting.


The alpha2 release is available from BinTray:


already using it, and seems it work fine :slight_smile:

immidietly checked PBR AmbientLight, and it works perfect, nice.

private server repo proxy already cached it too.(better to have, than like jBullet source issues later ;))



Thank you, guys. :slightly_smiling_face:


recently i asked @pspeed how to do normal intensity for normalmaps.

NormalType can be misleading for some people who dont know what it is. i also thought its intensity before, while having NormalIntensity would allow change true intensity and and fix misleading of understanding NormalType param.

Why not just add it into JME Materials, at least for PBR?

code is simple and do not slow down rendering if not used.

Still it was told its not fully correct way, but tools like Blender or other engines i seen thare are “strength” or “intensity” so why not in JME. if need some fixes in below code, then could be done too. (because im not sure why need /= instead of *= because it work opposite.

in fragment shader add:

  #if defined(NORMAL_INTENSITY)
    normal.z /= m_NormalIntensity;
    normal = normalize(normal);


// ***********************
// Read from textures
// ***********************
#if defined(NORMALMAP)
  vec4 normalHeight = texture2D(m_NormalMap, newTexCoord);
  //Note the -2.0 and -1.0. We invert the green channel of the normal map, 
  //as it's complient with normal maps generated with blender.
  //see http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/parallax-mapping-fundamental-bug/#post-256898
  //for more explanation.
  vec3 normal = normalize((normalHeight.xyz * vec3(2.0, NORMAL_TYPE * 2.0, 2.0) - vec3(1.0, NORMAL_TYPE * 1.0, 1.0)));
  #if defined(NORMAL_INTENSITY)
    normal.z /= m_NormalIntensity;
    normal = normalize(normal);
  normal = normalize(tbnMat * normal);
  //normal = normalize(normal * inverse(tbnMat));
  vec3 normal = norm;

also add

uniform float m_NormalIntensity;

and in material definition file

    Float NormalIntensity : 1.0


    Defines {     
        NORMAL_INTENSITY: NormalIntensity

@Ali_RS, maybe you could prepare some commit/pull request to make it easier? i dont have master JME to do so.

here some screens that it work fine:

normalintensity1 normalintensity2

it even allow easier debug of normals (intensity increase intensity for any face direction, not just front)


For feature requests, please open an issue at GitHub
and/or create a new “Development” topic at this Forum