Level importing ... thoughts?

It seems to me the only "game oriented" feature lacking from jME is the ability to import level geometry. I see in the roadmap that BSP and portals are being added at some future date.

Any thoughts at this time about direction this aspect may take? Format, tools, etc…  :?

Well "levels" can be many things. Not always BSP maps. You can export and import jME scenes to/from XML/Binary at the moment.  There's a level editor for jME called MonkeyWorld3D which (if you search the forums) will also let you import the level you made with it into jME.

Hi llama, I should "qualify" my questions a bit. I'm thinking of a level more as something you'd create with GTKRadiant or Quark, an interior structure rather than an external terrain-based one.


This is the start of a good attempt:


but it's by no means finished yet. BSP/portals will probably be pushed back to .11 because we want to get 0.10 out soon (many features not on the roadmap at all were added to .10).

Thx for the link! I'll have to take a look at Bakchuda's efforts. I did some BSP coding on an abandoned C++ project awhile back, so hey , who knows! Looking forward to v0.10 being "officially" released and the new feature sets being started.