i'm searching for a leveleditor/mapeditor which works with jME.

Someone said to me, that he makes the leveldesign with the leveleditor of his engine (he use an other engine). So I want to know, if there is something like that for the jME, too. I think, its easyier to make a landscape with a leveleditor than with a hightmap an coords.

I hope, someone understands my bad english,


there is MonkeyWorld3D.

and we r also building a world editor similar to this http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=7967.0 at work here.

stick around, i think ull find what u need.  :wink:

thx for the answer.

i will download the monkeyworld and test it.

i looked to the linked topic, too: the shown video is really nice, but as i understood the tool is not available (for other jME users) in the moment.

yunus said:

i looked to the linked topic, too: the shown video is really nice, but as i understood the tool is not available (for other jME users) in the moment.

from my understanding, it will NOT be available to the public at all which is y we have to make our own tool that does pretty much the same thing if not less.


but i am not a programmer, and i don't think the one who is programmer in our team will make such a tool

-> i make just the graphics

Radakan’s world editor (WorldTool) is under the GPL and is available for download just like the game is. Not sure how GPL and game editors go together, but you could use it when I am done with it. Meanwhile you can check out a semi-working copy through SVN.


but i will first try MonkeyWorld 3d. If it doesn't help me, i will look for alternatives.

in the context auf MonkeyWorld i recognize that the User Guide is only for the old version 2.0. So i have to learn the old version first and then try to understand  the new version 4.0

Maybe someone can bring that up-to-date.

There is a great difference between MW3D 2.0 and the current version. You'll be missing lots of features found in 2.0.

Currently MW3D isn't really a level Editor, but a scene editor. This is because as a general 3D tool platform, there is no general concept of what a level is.

We are currently busy to finish the work for the 4.1 release. It will be a great step towards beeing a general level development tool platform.

If you want to see the latest and greatest, you should take the version from our SVN repository. Go to http://monkeyworld3d.com to get some help with that. We really need the help of the community. To give us feedback and ideas. So, if you find any annoying bug (chances are good ;), please let us know, because we can only fix bugs, we get aware of :wink:

Reading the forums here lately, it seems to me, everybody is trying to create their own toolset. For me this is a waste of talent, so id suggest to join forces. MW3D is a very good platform for building any game related 3D tool that one can imagine.

For all the non-programers out there: We'll release the next version of MW3D, as soon as it is stable enough to work with it (we're very close, but we still need some more feedback…)

first, i want to learn MW3D and for that aim 2.0 will be good enough. i just need something to position the models in the landscape - i will download the latest version if i need the new features :wink:

if i find a bug during work i will let you now.

thx for the answer.