Liberator is a turn based strategy game using an ultra simple interface. It is comprised of 2 armies on top of a TerrainQuad using a top down perspective. Each army gets to move it’s units on at a time like Civilization. Beyond moving (which uses bullet physics to determine the success of the movement), each unit can use melee and missile attacks. There are two other buttons besides MOVE, MELEE, and MISSILE: PREV and NEXT which select the individual units of the army.

It’s meant to be an extremely simple game that will be released open source.

I mean to code it over a period of 2 weeks.

Progress reports will appear in this thread.


sounds cool, best of luck with such a tight time frame

Ok this got canned. I’m thinking more of something like Beavis and Butthead but that looks less practical itself because of design and copyright challenges. I’m still thinking of making a basic adventure/rpg tho. I was thinking of keeping the Beavis and Butthead comedy concept by making the B + B characters as voices in the player’s head.