LibGDX or jME?

Hello! I’m still sorta new the game development scene, and LibGDX is a great engine! I haven’t made any games in it, but I’ve made 1 game in the LÖVE engine called “Mr BallGuy”. I’m only 13. Now, the major advantages of LibGDX is that it’s cross platform and it’s pretty capable.

So if someone could point me in the right direction I would like that. Thanks!

P.S. Don’t give me abuse because I’m only 13. I’ve gotten enough of that over the past 3 years :frowning:

JMonkey already has LWJGL and JOGL. LWJGL serves a purpose, also JOGL serves a purpose. LibGDX would not add anything new to JMonkey. Feel free to hear other member’ opinions.

Maybe I worded it wrong, but I meant what one do I use?

You’ve been getting abuse for being 13 for 3 years? :o

What’s your actual question? Yes jme3 is capable, yes it’s cross platform. Was that the question?

I don’t know anything about LibGDX but this being the jME3 forums most people here will say use jME3 :slight_smile:

Not for being 13, I worded it wrong I guess :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been programming since I was 10, and I’ve been getting abuse for 13 years :frowning: I’ve decided to use both engines. I’ll use LibGDX for 2D, and jME for 3D.

<cite>@zarch said:</cite> You've been getting abuse for being 13 for 3 years? :o /blockquote> We can only solve programming problems here. For this you'll have to notify the police. LOL

So, yes you can use JMonkey for 2D programming, but there are better 2D tools out there that don’t even require programming. Use Jmonkey for 3D or 2.5D, I’d suggest.

In this forum jME is the winner =)

Well i can only tell you that jme is quite capable for pure 2d stuff, dont know how libgdx works there.