I have setup JME and tested it with a few examples and began making a little 3d drawing using boxes. but when i went onto more advanced tuturials  ( flag rush tut 3 and up ) it doesnt work and marks some of the code in red.  even some of the import functions  that are coppied straight in are in red. I am using netbeans, when i right click on my project then go to libraries i have 9 their  is that all of them and also in the liabary section under run i have 2 items is that what it is surposed to be. I would appreciate it  if someone would check if thats how many  they have or have i done something wrong.

Are you using the code from the wiki or from the source ?

The wiki might be outdated.

The correct flagrush source is in the jmetest package:

thanks i see no errors now but 1 thing when i run i see a sphere with the graphic on it i think this is from tuturial 2. i tested tuturial 4.  im not sure whats hapening in the source for tut 4 do you have to delete the sphere still ?