Library test app is available for download

You can download the test app here:

tonegodemitter - Browse Files at

  • Grab the tonegod.gui.tests.rar file
    — And the tonegod.gui.jar file
  • Unzip the project into your jmonkeyprojects folder
  • Open Project Properties > Libraries and remove the gui project reference, then add the gui jar file you downloaded as a library.
  • Run the project and have fun.
  • Use the source code and have more fun

NOTE: After tonight’s plugin update, you can just use that… however, there is some useful updates that make it worth grabbing now.

The app is not complete yet and I’ll be updating it as I go with new tests… however it has a lot of really useful stuff and teaches you how to use the library.

Let me know if you have any questions… /wave

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P.S. The code for the access panel door is: 887129