Light from Blender, within *.j30

Hi. I am new to JME but I feel I come quite a bit in just a short time…but now I´ve stumbled upon an issue I´m not sure how to deal wtih;

I have modelled a scene in Blender, converted it to *.j3o and opened in the SceneComposer, mostly to check that everything looks alright. And it does regarding everything from models, textures…and also the only light (Point) I have in there for now.

As I can understand, I can´t add/see shadows within the SceneComposer, but need to add them from code (ShadowRender and -Filter)…so here´s my question;

Is there any way I can “fetch” that light from the loaded *.j3o, and setup the shadows thereafter? (I really like the fact that everything else is intact from Blender, which I like since editing and setting up more complex scenes in the composer is a bit of a hassle for now).

Or am I simply forced to recreate all light from scratch? (Not that checking lights position, color and radius…and typing them in code is THAT much of work…but it would be nice to be able to rely on alost everything setup from Blender…)


Maybe have a look at light maps? I have no idea how to use light maps but its a suggestion. Good luck.

Thanx for the reply! Yeah, I guess lightmaps are the best way to go, if you wan´t total control over the look of light/shadows. That way you can also use whatever renderer you like, to get the look you´re after I suppose. Will look into the support for lightmaps…understanding the shader/s that JME uses for this.

Thanx again.

Theres a rundown on lightmaps from blender here: