Light in the terrain

Hello guys, i have some torchs in my terrain, how i can create a light of this torchs in the terrain?


I would think the best way would be to create a PointLight …

PointLight pl = new PointLight();

then move it to the location of your tourch ...

pl.setLocation(new Vector3f(tourchX, tourchY, tourchZ);

Then you could set some attributes for brightness ect.

pl.setAttenuation(true); //we want to attenuate this light.
//attenuation is making the light die off at further distances
//from the source.

//These values determine how much loss there should be in
//relation to distance from the source. Make them smaller for
//the light to be brighter and larger for the light to be dimmer.

the above code is courtesy of Trussell, I needed something similar and actually just got it ... :)