Light questions

I am again playing with lights.

I noticed that radius doesn’t really matter in light calculations. If I set it to 0, its effect can be seen (I suspect radius is then around 50f or smth). But if I set radius to 0.001f or smth, it shouldn’t lit my objects (since they are too far away), but they are still lit. I am really puzzled about this, anyone has any explanation??

Also I am wondering how to have lots of lights without too much fps loss. I don’t really know how the lights are passed to the shaders, but wouldn’t be possible to calculate which geometries are affected by some light (based on radius) instead of manual attaching lights to specific nodes (like its now) and then pass only those lights to current processing vertex?

Also I noticed in some other thread that for each light in scene there is one pass. Wouldn’t be possible to make a shader that would calculate for example 4 lights in one pass (like native OpenGL behaviour which handles 8 lights)? Because honestly, I think that each part of some scene only needs simple lightning (4 lights would probably suffice), not 100 lights… :slight_smile:

Ok I hope my questions don’t sound stupid and that someone can explain this in more detail… :slight_smile: