Light specific Shadow renderers not working

I recently started using JME3 to get away from modding other games and finally create my own. I’ve checked out all of the tutorials and frequently reference them every so often when I need help.
I’m unfortunately stuck on an issue at the moment that I just can’t seem to look up what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been trying to make a flashlight in a game that I’m working on and so far everything has been going smoothly until I get to the shadows portion of the flashlight’s beam. I read up several places, after having tried the basic shadow renderer and the pssm renderer and realizing that they only work properly for directional light and not so properly with the spotlight light, that a spotlight shadow renderer was needed.
This is what I get stuck on. I add the code that puts the spotlight shadow renderer into the game and I go to implement the class. Unfortunately, it says that I can only create/add a class to my current project named SpotLightShadowRenderer and not actually implement the class from the com.jme3.shadow package.
Also when I just go to call the class directly with the package name/path, it gives me a list of the classes that are available and none of the light-shadow specific classes are there (DirectionalLightShadowRenderer/Filter, PointLightShadowRenderer/Filter, SpotLightShadowRenderer/Filter).

Are these classes not readily available from the initial installation of jme3? Did I miss out on the “you have to include these files manually in order to get them to work” post? Or is it an issue with a jme3 version that I’m using? Because I figured I downloaded the most recent version (if there even is an option to download previous builds or not).

Any help in clarifying this issue would be much appreciated.

Post your code maybe?

Those classes are not in RC2, they’ve been added later to JME.
You’ll need to use nightly if you want them

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Aha! Thank you! Now it’s giving me the option to implement the classes. Thanks again!