LightCombineMode - use a spatials attached Lightstate only


just wanted to ask if it's somehow possible, to use only the lightstate which is attached to a spatial.

LightCombineMode.Closest starts combining from the spatial towards the rootnode.

LightCombineMode.First starts combining lights from the rootNode towards the spatial.

LightCombineMode.Off disables lighting for the spatial.

Of Course LightCombineMode.ClosestEnabled stops combining lights if there is a disabled lightstate on the path to the rootNode, but is it possible to just use the lightstate which is attached to a spatial without adding a disabled lightstate to its parent?

is the solution LightCombineMode.replace?

"use the most recent lightstate" … but is the most recent lightstate which was added to the scenegraph meant here, or the most recent attached to this spatial?


ok, it seems to be the most recent lightstate added to the scenegraph… so there is no way of using just the lightstate attached to this spatial?