LightControl - Any ideas how it will work?

[java]LightControl lightcontrol = new LightControl(light)[/java]

You can find the code for “com.jme3.sence.control.LightControl” on the Googlecode site, but is isn’t in the SourceCode on Jme3Plattform! I can’t import it.

Any other way to set light positon = the moving spatial position? I like to have a bullet light while its flying.

Are you still using Alpha-4? Beta is out!


Oh, i downloaded it but not installed, now i become an error with PhysicsCharacterNode, any changes on this?

Edit: import com.jme3.bullet.nodes.PhysicsCharacterNode dosn’t exitst anymore

Use a LightNode

LightNode ln = new LightNode(light);


then when you transform the yourBulletNode the light will follow

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You live in stone age, eh? PhyscsCharacterNode is deprecated since Alpha.4 :wink:

That means I must use CharacterControl, right?

How to add the CharacterControl to the model?

[java] model.addControl(player);[/java] don’t work

[java]player.setSpatial(model);[/java] :S not right for this or? (This should not be called from user code.)

Yes the upper version does work, check the physics tutorial.