Lightening problem

Hello, it’s me again :frowning:

I have merged all my smaller ideas into a bigger one. However it seems i got a lightening error. (or basic misunderstanding)

When using only ambient light only the scene gets lighted, all my spatials attached to the scene are rendered black. Is this normal?

I am asking because i wanted to have all object at least lighted a bit.

I currently have attached a directional light and an ambient light to the root node. The spatials are also attached directly to the root.

As you can see, on the building the shadow is also not drawn, and the shadow looks very strange.(Shadow mode is set to CastAndRecive for all spatials and the terrain)

The main problem is that the front side of the building is totaly black

Anybody any ideas?

Check the ambient/diffuse colors on those buildings, ambient should be something like 0.2, 0.2, 0.2 otherwise it won’t be effected by ambient light