Lighting artifact

So what you see here is a TerrainQuad on the ground… no issues with the lighting. The wall you see is a set of batches of quads, all with the exact same material. The lighting in the scene are two point lights.

[java]pl.setColor(new ColorRGBA(.5f, .3f, 0f, .1f));

pl2.setColor(new ColorRGBA(1f, 1f, 1f, .5f));

Both point lights are updated to follow the camera, with “pl” being offset +1 on the Y axis.

In the image you can see that wall looks two different colors… it’s not. Like I said all of the quads in the batch are the same exact material, and in fact if I turn the camera slightly to the right, this artifact will go away.

Has anyone encountered this? Know a way to fix it?

By the way, this is how they’re attached. I am assuming here that they are two different batches, though all of the batches are still using the same material.

[java]for(BatchNode b : wallBatches) {

It looks like you are using normal mapping for your walls.
When you use normal mapping you have to generate the tangents.
try TangentBinormalGenerator.generate(wallGeom).

I ended up going with a different method, but just as a heads up; Tangents were generated for each individual geometry before batching.

so what was the issue?

I have no idea… my only thought is that the two differently lighted sections of wall belong to two different batches… I’ll dig further when I get the the next part of my code that I need batching.