Lighting darker/brighter on different systems - what is causing this?

Hi there,
i just ran into an issue and can’t figure out why it’s happening.
I have this simple test scene with some furniture models i found online - models are j3o (from obj), textures are TGA files (pretty big files), also specular and normal maps are TGA files. The scene uses an ambient light and a directional light. That’s basically everything in there - just a test scene. Now when i run the standalone build on my system (Win7), it looks like this:

CORRECT (apparently i am not allowd to put the images directly into my post…)

…which is exactly how it’s supposed to look. But today i tried the exact same build on two other systems (Win7 and MacOS) and on both systems (different machines, no VMs or such) it looks like this:


There seems to be a lighting issue or it doesn’t apply the specular map, i don’t know. It’s just very dark.
Does anyone happen to have an idea? It confuses me that the scene is displayed differently on different machines…

Thanks a lot!

Might be your models don’t have tangents? Right-click the geometry in the SceneExplorer and select Tools->Generate Tangents or use the TangentBinormalGenerator from code.

Did you generate the tangents for the models?
If you use normal mapping, you need to have tangents on your model.


Without tangents, the result depends on what your cpu will use as default value for an unprovided buffer data.So it depends mostly on the drivers.

EDIT : rhoo ninja normen

Thank you guys for the quick help! I can’t test the result right now (as i am using the computer it worked with anyway), but both of you suggesting the same solution gives me a good feeling about this.
I will report back when had the chance to try it…

Thanks again!

Apparently the missing tangents were the problem - I generated them the way you suggested and now everything seems to be fine.
Once again, thanks for your help!

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