Lighting issues

I am testing with a Samsung Galaxy SII and I can’t see objects with material lighting.

I’ve tried with Hello Assets and Hello Materials tutorials but the Ninja and the Sphere are dark.

Doesn’t jMonkey support normal maps on android? I have to do something different on android? I have not found information about it.

I think is a Samsung Galaxy SII problem. All I could find are users reporting “dark” issues with this device.

Has someone the same issue? Is a device problem?

I’ve tested this on Galaxy Tab. Galaxy Tab shows models with normal maps (no dark issue) but don’t refresh lighting.

I think each device has its render issues.

Same problem, also working with a Galaxy S2.

Will try on an Xperia and report back.

Does your model have tangents? Use the TangentBinormalGenerator for that.
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Could you please elaborate a little bit?
I found this post on tangentbinormalgenerator.

Anyway, the Ninja doesn’t display when running hello asset on my Galaxy S2.
the teapot and the wall display fine.

Update: I upgraded from android 2.3.5 to 4.1 on my galaxy S2 and now the ninja is shown.
I’ll try and see if it also solves my other problems.

@ettavsdro said: Could you please elaborate a little bit?
Sure I can:


Watched a few minutes of it but it’s very late so I’ll get back tomorrow for more.

You have a nice voice.

I can see the ninja after updating my firmware and android version on the S2.

will try other lighting effects and see