Lighting maps not working at all

Something is really screwed with my lighting textures. I have specular, diffuse and normal maps for each spatial in my program. None of the extra detail shows up. It seems like the maps aren’t even being applied at all, they still look flat, not bumpy.

My floor texture only has one area that shines when the player moves over it, the rest is dull even though it has all 3 lighting maps.

my gun texture is showing up black for some reason, im not sure why. Does it need some sort of directional lighting to work properly?

im using crazybump to generate these maps, but its like theres no point in putting them at all, because there’s no detail showing up.

this works fine for me on my 8th June nightly build, but i too am having trouble on the positioning of my textures on Lighting.j3md

What do i put for the path names in the .j3m file? I tried including root folders but it doesnt work.