Lighting on a model being dropped in to the terrain (Scene composer)

Hi guys, super new to jMonkeyEngine so apologies if this is a really dumb question.

I’ve been using the tree plug-in provided on the plugin support via netbeans to create some trees - however when I edit them in SceneComposer and drop them in to my current terrain they just seem to be fully lit up and the directional light currently placed on the terrian does nothing to them.

Am I missing some property on the tree .j3o already providing it light? as I cannot find it.

I haven’t looked at the material or code to know what is wrong. We will need to get @viridris into this conversation to help figure out the issue.

The trees use the “Unshaded.j3md” currently, you could change the material by using the SceneComposer.

aha, just seen where to edit that.


Sorry for double post ><

Just wondering what’s the best way to fill a scene with objects? I’m just making new nodes and adding objects to it (for example, a small forest I can then move around with one node).

However sometimes there’s some instability and I get screen buffer errors (I’m away from my system atm to report the actual error, I’ve had it occur with just 3 small objects before). Should I be linking some objects to scenes if they’re just repeats of the same object?

spacekangaroo said:
Just wondering what's the best way to fill a scene with objects?

Attaching trees and such to a node is a decent way to do it; really it depends on how you want to organize things. You can always change it after the fact.
This thread is talking about plant generation on a larger scale