Lighting on model problem

ok i just built a dynamic sky dome which has a sun and a moon with their colors changing based on the current time.

i tested it with terrain, it works great. the terrain color gets affected by the sunlight and moonlight as they shine on it.

but i couldnt get the light to work with models.

i loaded a 3ds model (maggie) and a max model (toy soilder) into the scene. but the light barely has any effect on them.

but after i removed the material from the model, the light starts making changes to their colors.

my question is, how do i make the light affect these models?

I guess that is because those models use vertex coloring, which replaces lighting. Try using the emissive material mode.

so i should modify those models?

is there anything i can do programatically?

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MaterialState ms = (MaterialState) model.getRenderState(RenderState.RS_MATERIAL);

thx for the reply~ i found something interesting…

i accidentally moved the camera inside the model, and i found that the model inside is changing color based on the lighting~  whats going on?  :?

is it a normal problem?

thx alot!!!

i finally found out whats messing with the lighting. the model's normal wasnt flipped~so all the lighting effect was inside the model~

i use maya flipped the normal, and everything now works perfectly fine! :smiley: