Lighting problem

this is my problem:

tree model 1 (at the crosshair) is being lit as if the sun is floating on top of it. in fact, the light is somewhere else. the other tree (at the left) is rendered correctly.

any idea why? most of the models are renderes like the 2nd tree, but 4 models have this “the light is at the top”-bug.

Not sure, are the normals correct on the model?

Really I just wanted to say the tree on the left looks really nice  :smiley:

Well the normals look ok to me, but I did notice that the material settings might need tweaking a bit.

I compared them in Milkshape with what I think is the other tree and they were quite different (very shiny, bright diffuse and some ambient). I changed them to match the other and those materials seem to produce better results.

The original tree is on the left, the modified version on the right and the reference one in the middle:

i am quite a milkshape noob. if you like, you can tweak the Baum*ms3d-files and upload them somewhere/mail them to hamsterofdeath at gmx dot de. you'll get the last place in the credits for it :slight_smile:

Sent  :smiley: