Lightmap baking tool

I don’t know how many people hope that jme can have a lightMap bake tool (the reason why they don’t use blender or 3dmax is because it is more convenient to provide built-in j3o bake tools for jme). In fact, I started to develop it in the middle of last year. The lightMap baking tool is now available.
This tool includes the following features:

  1. Calculate lightMapUV and automatically set geometry lightMapUV;
  2. Bake the shadow corresponding to the specified light;
    Features expected to be added include:
  3. Bake Diffuse+AO based on radiance
  4. Baking high-quality global illumination based on radiance
    Here are some test results(Assets come from some free resources such as unity store, sketchfab, etc., which are only used to test the effect):

    (It has some bugs, as shown above)

    This is the lightMap automatically generated by the baking, arranged according to the number (lightMap has not been merged and spliced yet):

    Then on mobile, more than half of the real-time shadows can be replaced. You only need to use real-time shadows for which active objects. This is the idiomatic strategy for the development of mobile games by engines such as Unity:

I plan to release this tool as an SDK plug-in. However, for a long time, its bugs were not fixed and there were too many to-dos, so I did not publish it.
I want to know how many people need such a tool so that I can add it to the priority to-do list. I don’t want to provide semi-finished tools. thank you all! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


A simple interface is currently made:


Really cool :+1:

Definitely interested to try it in my game. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Amazing tool. Are you also thinking of releasing it as a stand alone app?

How are the lightmaps rendered? Btw, I made a lightmap baker for my Level Editor using Sunflow, I briefly mentioned in that thread.

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The plan is as an SDK plug-in, or it can be extracted separately. The working principle is that you only need to load j3o, then select the node to be baked, the default is the root node, and then click bake, it will automatically complete all the work and refresh the j3o data.

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I am glad to see someone interested in this. But it still has some problems, and I want to wait until it is at least stable before releasing everything. :grinning: