Lights, lights everywhere

I'm continuing to tinker around on my thesis, encountering some problems with lighting in jME.

No Bugs. It's more like i don't know if the desired features are not implemented yet or if i'm just too stupid to get it working :smiley:

That's why i'm bothring you with it, to find out which is true. :confused:

1.) Light intensity.

I know you can define the attenuation value and function for lights.

But it seems that this only influences the "range" of the light, not it's intensity.

From programs like blender i know values like "energy", defining how bright the light should actually be.

For example:

  • You have a red cube and a normal (white) light next to it. The cube appears red. (yeah)
  • You have a red cube and a DAMN bright white light next to it. And the red cube appears white, totally over-lighted.

    A good (more practical) example would be an explosion. The light it emits has so much "energy" that everything gets white for a second.

    In jME, i haven't managed yet to get something like it. If i have a red cube, the brightest color it could ever possibly have is … red.

    Is this the current state or do i just mess up with all those material, texture, light and what else combine-modes?

    2.) Specular light

    Pretty much the same as in 1.) goes for specular light.

    I have a white light source and a red object with a WHITE specular color. Specularity clearly appears on the object. But the "white" color is only combined with the red texture of my object, making the specular colored parts simply "redder", but never light red or even white.

    Here too, i guess i'm just pushing the wrong buttons. But after some considerable trying, i guess i just don't get behind it.

    If it IS possibile, what would be a simple HelloSpecularColor setting to get a shiny white specular region on a red cube?

    I would be very happy is someone could enlighten my unspecular state  :smiley:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

mud2005 said:
hope this helps :)

If this means at the same time "of course jME can all this already" than i thank you very much for the link.
Going to read it through right now :D

Well, make sure you run a very recent version. Support for this kind of thing was improved recently.