LightScattering - Darkness

Hello there,

I’m using the LightScattering effect, but sometimes it makes the scene darker, not brighter.

I cannot explain it very good, so I captures it:

As you can see, when you look at the LightScatterings Position, there is that darkness, when you just look into an other direction, everything is as bright as before.

Is it throwing shadows?

Here my code:

LightScatteringFilter lightScattering;

lightScattering = new LightScatteringFilter(lightDirection);


Is that normal or is there a mistake?

(How) Can I reduce this?

You don’t seem to have much light at all. Light Scattering doesn’t create any light so if the “light” is basically black theres not much the effect can work with I guess.

Thanks for answering so fast :slight_smile:

Well, at the beginning there is not much light because it’s night.

But it also seems to depend on the background, the skybox, so if that would be brighter, it might work better…

I will try that out.

:? I would not enable a light scattering effect at night anyway, its always related to the sun position really.

I will try that out.

Ok, that didn't work -.-.

Yeah, what I actually wanted is that you can see the light itself when the (not yet existing) sun rises.
So I will have to create the sun at first...
I will try that out, thanks :D

Well, that also didn’t work, the sun (position behind lightScattering postition is dark, the reflection of it on the water yellow…

I’m a little confused.

So for now I will only use LightScattering when there is enough light.

Thanks for helping.

the sun has to be in the Sky Bucket to be correctly used in LIghtScattering

You should maybe try the light scattering test also and see if it happens there too. Just saying because I remember having a similar issue with an old Intel card (got darker in sun direction), but with a better card it works just fine.

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The light scattering itself works fine… it depends on the darkness and/or background-sky.

I will just use it when it’s bright enough.

Thanks for all answers.