Lightspeed Frontier Launches into Early Access!

I’m glad to say that another jME game is now finally on Steam (and Humble Bundle)! It’s been quite a ride, especially recently with the preparations for launch. More than 2 years ago when I first created the eclipse project for it I never imagined what it would end up as (or that it would not get deleted in next month heh).

At first only my hobby mess around thing, now a group project between me and @empires with @dancso and @grizeldi helping on all fronts.

It’s been quite the learning experience too, so ask us anything! :smiley:



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Well done.
I am very proud. Good job.

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Congratulations! Well done.

Btw, can you set the similar products yourself or is there steam magic going on?
Because for me it shows “Path of Exile”, “Darksiders”, “Ghost Recon” and games like that at the bottom

Congrats! Nice to see another game made with JME.

Never saw an option for such a thing, most likely it’s steam’s internal system that determines that.

Congratulations :slight_smile: great game. I’m having fun playing it so far (only ~4 hours in so far)

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Game is out one day “sorry I only managed to play 4 hours”.
Congrats on the release, @MoffKalast!


well, I did have it during the closed beta