The tutorial describes, that this function removes the lighting for the roodNode. When I try to run the HelloNode program I just get a purely black box and a black sphere on black ground (can be seen by turning on the bounds…) If I leave this out, I can see the box and the sphere, but they don't have any colors attached to them.

I'm running this file on ubuntu with the latest nvidia driver (nVidia GeForce 7600 GS).

Ayn ideas, what I can do?

Although I'm also new to jme, i guess it's an error in this tutorial (the tutorials are a work-in-progress I think and there might be more errors). I had the absolutely same "phenomenom" with the latest tutorial-version. I guess in chapter 4 you will learn how to do it right with lightstates.  :wink:

Ah, yes… :slight_smile:

The tutorial is simple missing a lightState.setEnabled(false); :slight_smile:

code should look like:

//Remove lighting for rootNode so that it will use our
//basic colors

Edit: Even easier -> A look at the wiki!