LightState setEnabled(false) not working


I noticed that I can’t turn the lights off in TestWidgetButtonLightSwitch this morning.

I stepped through LWJGLLightState.set() in the debugger and it calls GL.glDisable for the lights that have enabled set to false but for some reason it doesn’t disable them.

It works in the previous version of LWJGLLightState. I’ve studied the differences in the code (a little) and I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring the problem to light. :slight_smile: (Sorry, it’s early and I’m easily amused.)



Hmmm, well I did make a change to it (moved float arrays up into the class scope so they weren’t recreated every iteration), that must be causing the problem. I’ll try to figure out why.


Found the problem. Fixed and in CVS.