Lightwave in jME

How does one go about using lightwave in jME? How do you import and move around .lws objects in jME?

If this is possible^, does texturing need to be done with jME or will the lightwave texturing be on the object when you import it?

golden brownies to the jME pros!

i think there is no importer for lightwave yet

I'm sorry, maybe it is not a good solution but what about converting your Lightwave model into a format that can be used in JME? In Blender, you can import a lws model and export it in obj format for example.

alright, then how do I use .obj filed in jME?

what other kinds of models can be used in jME?

I sure hell aint gonna be able to model in jME. There's no modeler. You can't program detailed objects very well.


you could do like some and program/test one vertex at a time :wink:

or you could be really clever and check out the tests that load models (and/or read the wiki), then use a super-cool modeling program (such as lightwave) and export to an 'external' format (yes, such as OBJ).

wiki ->

from the features list, in the wiki:

COLLADA, 3DS, Obj, MD2, MD3, Milkshape, X3D, ASE support. Supports skin, bones and weighted skeletal animation. (there is also blender XML loading in jME 2.0)