Limited Line width?

hey there.

Whatever width I set with


, it is rendered as i set it as long as its under 10.0f. When I set it higher than 10.0f it is rendered exactly 10 pixels wide. So this seems to be limited. Is this limited in jME, LWJGL or OpenGL and how can I make wider Lines?

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Hmm… could possibly be a card limitation.  I'm not personally aware of a limit in jME or lwjgl on line thickness.

renanse said:

Hmm... could possibly be a card limitation.

Damn it, it is. Found some forum where people have the same problem with plain C++ OpenGL. The solution of using multiple Quads is proposed there ... Well, my Curve has to be quite round and I would have to use many Quads -> performance issue (i guess it would quadruple the number of vertices for a line)?

What are my other options?

thank you so far  :)
kevglass said:

Implementing it with quads might end up being more performance.

if so, perfect!  :)

EDIT: a little research revealed that i really have to do it with triangles. I'll use Quads for it or TriangleBatches, dont know yet. I'll share the magic SomeNameLine when its done.

tri strips :slight_smile:

there we go: