Limiting Audio Instances

Is there a way to limit instances of audio that can be played at once?
For example, in a game that requires a player to quickly tap multiple keys several times, playing an instance of a sound each time.
It’s fine on faster computers but lags like hell on older and slower ones.

In limit, I’m talking about where pressing a key will refuse to play an audio instance while a certain number of audio instances is still active or playing.
I’m actually looking at this as an advantage for fast systems since there is no limit to the instances that can be played and a normal person probably isn’t capable of pressing too much keys in a second to lag a fast system but no limits doesn’t sound like an advantage for slow systems.

What system components are responsible/contributes for rendering audio anyway?

Just manage this yourself, keep track of how many times you started the audio and don’t start a new one until the number goes down.

AudioNode is the main thing for audio, check out the tutorials and javadoc on the subject.

Well, that solves that. Thanks! XD