Limiting water area

Is it possible to use one of the water processors for only limited area of scene ? Think about lake inside vulcano case - I would like to have water there at certain height, but without it ‘spilling’ to surrounding, lower terrain.

In my particular case, it would be enough to limit it to the specific quad, doesn’t have to be complicated shape.

Did you look at the water tests? its already a quad.

If you use the SimpleWater, you can use any shape you want as the water plane, but…it has to be plane.

So I guess a disc shaped plane should work.

If you use the water filter, there is no way of doing this atm, maybe I could set some positioning limitation to the effect…

However if you want to use several water planes at different or same height…i’m afraid it’s not possible.

Ok, I was looking at wrong water test/class (I was checking the ‘post’ water tests). I can see the shape in TestSimpleWater.

Thanks a lot.

I have the same question but about the post water effect

The question is anwered here and you started a new post :confused:

Damn i didn’t read well sorry >.>

The post water effect can be limited by modifying the shader. You have access to the world position there, you can theoretically limit it to any simple shape (such as box, sphere).

I’ll try it thank you momoko !