Limits on Mass size?


I'm just wondering if there are limits on the mass size for a dynamic physics object?

I've had problems adding a force to any object that has a force more than approx15~20 units. For values much greater than that, the force has no impact at all. At one stage I did call computeMass() and i got a value of around 12000 for an object made of concrete material. I could only move this object with the PhysicsPicker.

I've assumed that the mass size is equivalent to kilograms… hence I've been assigning values according to what I think are believable metric weghts.

However this appears to be wrong and I havn't found any help in the ODE docs.

Any ideas?


Ok, I think i've found the answer… According to the ODE doco, mass sizes should be relative and as close as possible to 1.0.