LinkageError: Version mismatch

I’ve just checked out the latest CVS source (previously used the jar-file), downloaded the latest lwjgl (which is version 0.93) and built my source in Eclipse. It worked fine, but after starting my application I get the following error:

java.lang.LinkageError: Version mismatch: jar version is '0.93', native libary version is '0.9pre'

It sounds to me like it does not like the new lwjgl-version, but every class (jME, my own) has been re-built after upgrading to the new version.
I've never encountered such an error before in Java.

Any insight would be welcome! :)

You are trying to use the LWJGL 0.93 jar with the LWJGL 0.9 dll. Delete the old dll and replace with the new.