Linking/Adding Spatial to a scene

I have a scene and I would like to explore the scene in scene composer so that I can add/link spatial objects to the scene. I am using a scene I downloaded ( from Jmonkeyengine site. I tried zooming in/out of the scene using the scene composer editor and I find that it only zooms in/out to a short point in the scene. Now if I wanted to add spatial to the scene how can do so using the scene composer? However I tried the adding spatial to the scene programmatically by write the java code to load the spatial objects into my scene but the problem with that is that the location xyz needed to correct or else the spatial would not appear in the scene.

Please note that the scene was not created in scene composer editor.

thank you

Inside the scene you have a virtual invisible cursor that the camera revolves around, you can only zoom in up to this cursor, zooming doesn’t move the camera forward, it only brings it closer to that cursor. By right-clicking and dragging you move the cursor.