Linux 64bit and Webstart

I installed XUbuntu a few days ago. And I installed Java 64bit. I found that I have to install 32bit version to use webstart. I read the install instructions at the sun homepage and did exactly what they say. After I accept the license agreement I see the following:

./jre.bin: 310: ./install.sfx.4745: not found


The number 4745 is not always the same (e.g. had 4850 before). After that I can see a new dir but it is empty. And if I try to delete it I get "it is not empty".
I used "sudo find -name javaws" to find the webstart file. It did not find it.

I hope someone understand me and will help. Or I will write it in German  }:-@

I don't think that you can use 32bit Java on 64bit Linux/Ubuntu. You can do such things on Windows64 but not on Linux. The webstarted program with natives will have to provide 64bit natives to run on 64bit Linux.

Well, you can run 32 bit programs under 64 bit linux (if you set things up properly). eg: The Lost Raven Sandbox MMO

However, like on 64 bit windows, don't expect 64 and 32 bit programs to play nice together (they're in different enviroments, can't link together, etc). Though for webstart, since it's only opening a launch file, it could be done I guess.