Linux Gamepad Input on jme3-lwjgl Splits Input Between Two Logical Gamepads

The big two things is that it will display the output of each gamepad separately, and it will display the values of the axis and buttons in the GUI rather than just in the output log. The functionality is displayed in my utility (be sure to download the source itself and run it. The release is just the library and has no main method code). Give me a few minutes, and I’ll post the copy that I merged with TestJoystick.

Can not comment on the test as I have not tried joystick with JME but I think it can be in a separate PR from the “bumping jinput version” PR.

So you can go ahead and submit a PR for updating jinput version I believe.


Sorry it took so long (setting up a new computer, except that Ubuntu broke a couple times). I’ll do that now.

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