Linux Installation script for JMonkey 3.2.3

Hi there,

I can’t find Linux installation script for JMonkey 3.2.3, which was released a little while ago.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you.

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@Darkchaos ? missed 3.2.3?

i also recently were looking for never SDK version. even with nightly builds.

Also what about 3.3 alpha, can it be put into nightly builds?


you can use gradle for example and load 3.2.3 or even 3.3 libs (with Ant it should be possible to override too). but about SDK idk why not there.

so dont worry much, because you can use SDK(install script like you said) 3.2.2, but build game as 3.2.3 / 3.3

Also some people build SDK themself from newest master as i know.

Version 3.2.3 of the Engine was released in March, but I’ve seen no signs progress on a v3.2.3 Software Development Kit (SDK).

For years now, the SDK has been kept alive largely by the efforts of a single individual. I imagine he would welcome assistance, or perhaps even someone to lead that project.

I “forgot” about 3.2.3 because I am in an exam phase already lasting since Feburary and once I’ve completed it, I have to start my master thesis, so yeah, I’m a bit in absent.

3.2.3 release is on it’s way (unfortunately I have to update the bundled jvm every time I want to publish a release, because oracle doesn’t host old jdk’s and what’s even worse is that the current jdk has a problem for some users…)

Since some people are also curious about 3.3-alpha1, that’s not coming very soon because of multiple reasons:
A) People regard SDK releases as official versions to rely on, but that’s entirely not the purpose of the first 3.3 alpha. This alpha is meant for developers to test their projects against it to see problems and maybe evaluate new concepts like the animation system
B) The new Animation System. I don’t know if the SDK will crash or the animation just won’t work when using the new Animation System. Are GLTF Models by default now using the new animation? Others don’t, so the SDK should also have some convert-ability etc, which has to be tested
B.2) In order to implement animation system support, animation system/API should be stable and finished, which it isn’t really. I agree that development on the SDK side might help spotting countless bugs but for other things, the SDK might need Input.

For example, I remember the system wanting something like a FSM with Transition Graphs, that’s something the SDK could/should support. But for that we’d need knowledege about the intentions and the execution thereof in the animation system.

Another big point is support for NB > 8.0, but luckily I have some supporting people for this issue :slight_smile:


As for support with NB > 8.0, once the JDK11 support is merged into jme3, whatever version of jme3 it gets thrown into, the SDK will need to be built on NetBeans 10, NetBeans 9 will work, but I have noticed some issues with it on jdk11, so NetBeans 10 will probably be needed.

Netbeans 11 is out already. And also with built-in Gradle support.