Linux | OS X

Anyone has access to a Linux machine or a Mac OS X machine? I’d be nice to test on these two platforms to confirm any issues.

works fine on Sun Java desktop, got the Knoopix edition (bootable from CD, no need for installation) and it works perfectly!

Great, glad to hear. Now, we need to just check Mac OS X.

Speaking of Knoppix… how well does it run? What does it use for the local file system? Do you just create a folder that it will use as a root directory or what? I need to try it out…

honestly speaking, its absolutely brilliant. I dont know much of the workings of Knoopix, but you can save stuff onto the Harddisk, it boots straight from the cd, the kernel configures the hardware. My ATI gets its drivers from the vesa drivers, which are okish.

Its excellent for recovery, and checking wether the HW at PC WORLD is supported by linux too! :wink:

Although from experience, i wouldn’t go for linux, i would recomment FreeBSD running the Linux emulation layer.

Thinking of it, i dont think it actually accesses the file system, i think it acts like an installer and loads into the ram. (!)