Liquidiser : Library to read .blend files from a java application

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Here is a small description of this library:

Liquidiser allows you to read .blend files and have access to all raw data from a java application.

full access to data stored in .blend files (including Blender 2.5 and later versions)

partial implementation of accessibility layer (it’d be impractical to support all of Blender’s features)

M3G converter supports most commonly used data types (meshes, textures, skeletal animation)

Thought someone might find it interesting here.


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It might be useful for@mifth .

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You mean @Kaelthas?

too .

@glaucomardano thanks!

@iamcreasy , does this library support blender2.5? I need to get material names from blender 2.5 file.

I think yes :slight_smile:

but this is an issue. it’s not solved as i think.

Ops :roll:.

but it seem the support of blender 2.6 is ready:


Hi guys!

Sorry for the confusion with obsolete issues in the tracker :slight_smile: I closed them all now.

I’m developing Liquidiser for use with my game which currently uses .m3g format with an XML .inf addon for things which are not supported by m3g. It’s a one-man effort and I add features as I’m using Blender for more and more content creation tasks and/or add features to my engine so there’s no grand plan to support everything that Blender can do although that would be nice :slight_smile: Said that, patches or bug reports are very welcome, perhaps even a feature request or two but I’m not promising anything with those :wink:

Anyway, if you need any help with Liquidiser just shout!

@mifth: you can certainly do that. I just added support for 2.62 which changes the way meshes are stored in .blend files (BMesh branch changes) so for time being it’s future-proof :slight_smile: Proper support for most types of lights will land in the trunk in a few hours.

@imagei , thanks for your library. I asked some features requests for coredevs and they already implemented them.

2 issues still exist in JME Blender Importer:

1 -

Blender Importer does not support DDS Textures with dxt1, dxt3, dxt5 compression.

2 -

Blender Importer cannot get openGL inTexCoord2/texCoord2 for a mesh. This is very important for lightmaps.

I know, this is not related to your cool Liquidiser, but it’s very important for JME Community.

If you have any idea how to solve these issues, so please, contact to @Kaelthas and @Momoko_Fan .

Thanks @mifth

I added those two issues to the issue tracker, so hopefully Kaelthus will look at them