List of Tech Gatherings

Hey everyone,

I have a favor to ask of all you fellow jMonkeys. Lately the jME project has made some major leaps of progress, and in every aspect of the word I feel we are becoming stable enough to start attending tech events for the general public. A couple options already considered are:


The ‘Google Summer of Code’ biggest benefit is that it is completely online-based. Participating projects get excellent code contributions, many new affiliates with possible new team members, and a lot of online publicity if marketed right. Stretching all the way from March to October it becomes quite the commitment, but seen in the bigger picture it is nothing different from the commitment the core team already exerts on a daily basis already.


JavaOne is to my knowledge an on-site only event. What is great about this is that being on site somewhere makes for a very strong professional impression. Being not just an online presence any longer is a big deal. The problem is getting there… One thing in particular caught my interest this year: Apparently JavaOne is ‘going global’. What that means seems unclear still, but I got my hopes up for a European conference.


German Java conference. The program doesn’t indicate much focus on games or 3D development. On top of that it seems quite Eclipse-centered, reducing the chances of a GDE talk as well. Would love some input from German readers / people who have attended the conference earlier.

Please post whichever conference, symposion, convention, lecture or expo you’re aware of that that hold some slight relevance to jME and all that it represents. 3D, gaming, Java, open source etc.