Little artifact :)

actually i switched from jbuilder to eclipse yesterday and after a quick rebuild of my project i have this little island while running the game :slight_smile:

it floats nicely next to my map and is somehow (expect of the ‘erosion’) a perfect circle.

i don’t even use blue textures and have no blue fog/light/etc in use …

actually it was no big problem getting rid of it as it was my old main class but nevertheless it looks pretty and i like to share it with you :wink:

That’s HelloTerrain in the tut guide :slight_smile:

ah :slight_smile: ok :slight_smile: i have no idea how it was loaded :slight_smile:

is it loaded when you put no valid heightmap to TerrainPage’s constructor?

It’s only loaded when you run HelloTerrain in the CVS 8-O

hmm… you’re sure?

'have deleted the class … i would look what i’ve done … :frowning: