"Live" content from Internet in jME application?

Hi all,

I'm starting to write an application using jME and I have quick question, can anyone help?

I probably plan to use Swing within my jME 3D application (using code from one of the demo's), but I would also like to be able to see "Live" content within my application.

If you're doing embedded Swing then it should be almost as straight-forward as it is to do it in Swing outside of the game.  If you want to create a test it might be beneficial to go ahead and write the Swing application and then inject it into jME when it's ready.  I've done this with one of my games, it requests a list of servers and populates it within a JTable and dynamically updates the Ping when you click on it.

Thanks for that darkfrog, will give it a go.  Just glad it can be done!  :smiley:

Anything is possible, it's just whether we are smart enough and dedicated enough to accomplish the task. :wink: