Live stream tonight - Topic: Making a custom Lemur style

I plan to do a live stream tonight (Friday) at 9PM my time (GMT-4).

I’ll be creating a custom Lemur style for the Mythruna UI… since a lot of people have been curious about this over the years, I thought I might give advance notice.

It will also be available afterwards for viewing but if you watch it live then you can ask questions if I say dumb things.

My youtube channel:

I’ll post back here when I actually schedule the stream… or you can subscribe and click the bell and stuff to get notified, I guess.


Live stream link:


Thanks for doing that! I was just moving towards wanting to customise lemur styles so nicely timed

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One additional tip I can provide now that I’ve nearly fully completed my new style… a thing I didn’t cover in the video because I wasn’t really modifying Java code at the time…

Make sure to give most of your GUI elements sensible ElementIds as you develop. It’s a bit of an art but that is easily where I spent the most work going back and adding ElementIds to things I wanted to style differently.

For example, I wanted to change the color of all labels in help windows but couldn’t easily do it because I didn’t give them an element ID.

I spent a lot of time going back to different areas of my UI and threading in code like:

ElementId baseId = new ElementId("help");
Container window = new Container(baseId.child("window"));
window.addChild(new Label("The text", baseId.child("label"));

With that, the label and the window will still pick up whatever main styles I have defined for them but I can also tweak them spefically.

…not a big deal but it would have been a lot more fun to restyle the UI if I’d given more things a proper ElementId back when I was creating the UIs instead of having to discover issues as I went.

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