Load a 3D Scene


I’m an engineering student, in IT. For a project, i need to use jMonkeyEngine.

I created a 3D scene with Google SketchUp, and export it with Ogre Exporter.

I followed the “HelloCollisions” tuto, and now i want to use my scene. So I try to replace town.zip by myScene.zip, but it didn’t work.

The content of town.zip and myScene.zip are differents. I need to use and other technic to load my scene?

Or i need to do more steps to have a correct 3D scene to load?

Thx you, korax.

2 ways:

  1. Use JMP sceneComposer. Add models there and place them. Less complex.

  2. Use Blender as scene editor. Place models, then load them. More complex. I did a scene composer with blender. But you need to be an advanced blender user.

    j3o convertor (converts blender models, blender scene)


    Code for it:


I’m gonna try the first way, I’m a complete beginner in “graphics”!

Thx for your answer, korax.