Load big world memory usage

Hello i have a big world like linege or World of warcraft.

If i load this world client will hang (or use all memory).

is there a problem? or you need to download the pieces of the world?

You may also want to look into using LOD so not all the details are loaded at once.

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Yes, usually it’s downloaded (if your game require it) and loaded in pieces.

the world is loaded at a certain distance from your character?

Well more that the world far away isn’t loaded in full detail. So it saves on rendering time, memory, etc. But you should also consider breaking it up if it is as large as say WoW anyways.

http://docs.jmonkeyengine.org/advanced/level_of_detail.html ← Here ya go on LOD.

Divide world in chunks and renderize one chunk per time.