Load .jme files in JME3

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is it possible to load .jme files with Binaryimporter in JME3. I think the jme files were exported with JME2.

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Greetings Mo

Not yet, no. But it is possible to write an importer and in fact it is the reason why jME3 has a new package name (com.jme3). jME3s scenegraph structure is different than jME2’s so its not possible to load them directly. They have to be loaded using the jME2 api, converted to jME3 objects and then be saved using the jME3 api.

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@mobo Moritz?! Is that you?! Glad to see you came on the forums to start doing some research.

@normen, I told you we’d start tackling that converter soon :wink:

Thank you for the fast response.

@skye Yeah it me Moritz from Bremen

I have to render a JME file on Android. Now I am thinking about if it is makes more sense to write an implementation based on JME2 or to use JME3 where you guys already started with an Android implementation.

How stable is JME3?

I already ported the files for the Binaryimport to an Android project and I am able to import some .jme files. Only the Renderer is a problem which I have to write completely new for JME2.

On JME3 there is the problem that I am not able to import .jme files.

What do you think would be the best solution?

Greetings Moritz

It’s going to be a simpler task to setup a jme2 to jme3 converter I think. The Android branch for jme3 isn’t ready yet but there are a few people interested in making real moves.

thx. I will test the jme3 branch. For rendering a model it is maybe stable enough.

It’s definitely stable enough to render models and begin making games :slight_smile: you should already have a bunch of .jME assets in your cache folder for betaville at home/.betaville, they are a combination of objects using textures as well as materials or sometimes just materials.

Thats sounds nice. I was working with those files.

By the way, where can I checkout your JME to OBJ converter?

Sources Here This location will be changing over the next few days, will update when it does.

Its not perfect, only does geometry right now… but its a work in progress :wink: