Load pdf file into object Blender

Hi guys,

I wanted to know if it was possible to achieve such a thing.

I created some objects with Blender.

Import them into JME, I want to do so by clicking on an object must have the ability to open

a pdf file and view it.

Can you give me some code snippet that can be useful?

I've already seen these examples of code and I have not used that much.

Thank you for your courtesy.

Regards Michael

You already got a really good hint from pgi in this thread. You would have to use the pdf renderer library mentioned there to create an AWT image of the pdf in memory and use that as a texture for a jme2 quad. Since I suppose nobody here has this library installed by accident you will have to look at the documentation of the pdf renderer, as soon as you get an image from a pdf file we can help you again :slight_smile: