Load .x direct x model Files

I don't know why there is no converter for .x files delivered with jme2. But it would be helpful to have one.

Are there any approaches up to know?

jME does not have an importer for .x

Since jME has no standard over skeletal animation I believe it would be best if you converted your .x files into either MD5 or Ogre3D mesh.xml formats for importing into jME. You can use Blender3D to convert your .x files into either MD5 or Ogre3D mesh.xml for use in jME.

Why should I prefer this two formats?

Isn't it the same using the ms3d format?

Is there a way of automatic converting my .x files using blender to avoid converting every single model manually ?

How do you convert from .x and other formats to OgreXML formats?

I found this Blender exporter plugin but am having trouble getting it to work:


First of all, the folder suggested does not exist "C:UsersMYNAMEHEREappdataRoamingBlender FoundationBlender.blenderscripts "

The .blender folder in particular does not exist (not even hidden), and it cannot be created because it starts with a dot.

I found another converter, stand-alone program, that the author wants $250 for. Yeah, not happening.

Yes there is an .x importer in the contributions plugins. Just install it via Tools->Plugins

Not seeing any plugins page, and google isn’t helping… can you give me a link? thanks

oh nevermind, I see you can actually download from within the SDK