Loaded .obj and lookAt with a CameraNode


I have a node built from a .obj and a camera node attached to it. Positioning this camera node in relation to the parent node works as expected, however the problem I am having is getting the lookAt to look where I tell it to. For example "camNode.lookAt(new Vector3f(0f,0f,0f), new Vector3f(0,1,0));" looks straight ahead, even if setLocalTranslation has shifted the camera below the parent node.

If the parent node is a predefined shape, such as Box then lookAt works. Is there some step I am missing when generating the node from a file?



Okay, well I think I've got it working. I couldn't attach the CameraNode to the node I wanted to attach it to, but I could attach both of them to another Node, which appears to solve that problem.