Loading 3ds Problem

Im using the JME framework and loading 3ds models

with the MaxJme loader. The 3ds models were created with Poser5 and exported to 3ds format. They load but there is no color they appear in black and white.

Is there something i need to set to see the models colors in JME or is Poser losing this information when I export.

Thanks in advance

Are the colors a texture or material? Does the 3ds file show up in 3dmax? Does your scene have lights? What code are you using?

I will post that info for you tonight.

In the meentime maybe you can answer these questions for me.

I’m trying to make afighter game a la Streetfighter. I’m using Poser5 with demo models for the fighters now. I’m making Sprites that load several poses of the same model to create animation in my app.

1- Is there something better than Poser to animate and generate the models (Poser does not allow you to shrink the mesh detail and creates rather large files)

2- Is there a better way to play an animation in the code without having to load all the models into the sprite. Like having one model and having only the coordinates change in each frame?

  1. 3d studio max and Milkshape3d. Both are supported with jme and do animation. I also believe Blender3D (which is free) supports exporting to md2

  2. Yes. The .md2, .md3, .ms3d, .3ds all support animation and are all loadable by jme if you can export to them with animation.

Thanks alot.

I’m gonna give these things a try so forget my first post .